Doctors Worth and Musalli Village Obstetrics Baby Blog


10/20/08 to present.

Village Obstetrics™ was born on October 20th, 2008. Now past our third birthday we continually revisit the data on our practice work night and day to improve our outcomes. We are proud of our statistics presented below.

General Overview

Total Deliveries: 1000+

Village Obstetrics Labor Statistics

Labor 2011
vaginal deliveries 92% | c-sections 8%

Village Obstetrics VBAC Statistics

VBAC Attempts 2011
success 91% | repeat c/s 9%

Detailed Stats (coming soon)

Vaginal Delivery # total
• # SVD
• # forcep assisted
• # vacuum assisted

Cesarean Section # total
• # scheduled
• # in labor

Episiotomy %

Labor Induction %

Deliveries by Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth 99%

Indications for scheduled c/s: patient request, repeat, macrosomia, placenta previa, breech/breech twins, prior uterine surgery, obstructing fibroids, prior sacrum fracture.